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[Paws & Awws] IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: Are Your Pets Prepared for a Disaster?

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If there is an emergency, will your pets be taken care of? Do you have the proper equipment to take care of them? If you are evacuated, where will they go? It's important to consider these things before an emergency happens.

For this post, I will focus mainly on dogs and cats, although often the same is true for any pet. In any case, you should learn how prepare for them in case of an emergency. Here are some things you can do.

Get a rescue sticker

A rescue sticker is a sticker that you apply to a front door or window that indicates the presence of pets in your home. This sticker needs to be placed in a visible area. Information on this sticker includes the number of pets, your contact information, and your vet's contact information. If you are able to take your pets with you, write "EVACUATED" on the sticker. To find a sticker, check your local pet store or go to ASPCA to get one for free.

Arrange for your pets to go to a safe place

Your main goal should be to NEVER leave your pets behind. If you're in danger, your pets are probably in danger, too. Unfortunately, not all Red Cross shelters allow pets, so look into an alternative safe place to bring your pets to.

Remember, before an emergency you must know where your pets will go, what it will cost, and how long they may be there.

Use a pet emergency supply kit

When it comes to disasters, we have been educated to make sure we humans are prepared, but do we ever really think about our pets and what their needs would be during a time like this?

Prepare a supply kit that can be grabbed within a moment's notice. I suggest keeping everything in a sealable bin in a location that is easy to reach. Here are items that you should include in your kit.

Disasters can happen at any time, and when they happen we need to make sure our pets are taken care of. Remember to have your emergency supply kit and safe places to bring your pets during an emergency. Disasters are unfortunate, but they can be worse if we are unprepared to take care of our pets in emergencies.


ASPCA - Disaster Preparedness

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