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February 13, 2010 at 9:51 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Ways to Make Life Easier For Your Arthritic Pet

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In addition to the proper treatment for your pet's arthritis, there are certain modifications that can be made to the home to make life easier for your pet. Most of these changes are fairly simple and involve the removal of certain obstacles that create challenges for your pet that can lead to increased pain.

Floor Space

It is important to remember that arthritis is consistently present and there are certain alterations to floor space that can create a more comfortable environment for your pet. This is particularly important for spaces on the floor that may be slippery. Attempt to make slippery surfaces (linoleum or wood floors) a safe environment by the addition of non-skid runners. It is also recommended that baby gate be used to block off the unsafe areas of the home.


The use of ramps to give you pet easier access to certain parts of the home can aid in the overall relief of some symptoms of arthritis. Ramps can be used to help your pet up and down stairs and onto certain furniture. It is essential to make sure the ramp is effectively secured and that the angle of the ramp is not too steep. Often times, even arthritic pets will attempt to use stairs or climb on furniture despite the pain or stiffness, leading to further strain.

Litter Box

The vast majority of litter boxes are made to have high sides and are placed in locations that are not conveniently accessed. The litter box should be placed in an area that it is easily accessible. Additionally, there are litter boxes with lower sides and ramps available.


There are certain ways to make sleeping more comfortable for your arthritic pet. Providing your pet with a place that is comfortable and cushioned is a great way to lower the overall pain associated with arthritis, in addition to assuring a good nights rest for your pet. Additionally, a heating pad can also be of use to aid your pet in sleeping.

The Out of Doors

If your pet spends a lot of time out of doors, it is recommended that you create a comfortable environment. It is also important to ensure that your pet is isolated from other animals, as arthritic pets are vulnerable and can be easily injured. It is important to remember that cold or damp weather is cause for stiffening of the joints, creating increased amounts of arthritis signs and symptoms.


It is important to groom your pet on a regular basis in a gentle manner. Arthritic pets lose their natural flexibility and may not be able to reach certain areas of their body for grooming themselves. Grooming your pet will create an atmosphere of comfort and maintain a healthy coat in addition to spending quality time with your pet. There are many ways that you can make small changes in the everyday life of your pet that decrease the overall signs and symptoms of arthritis. Attempt to create an environment that does not require strenuous activity. Think about the day of your pet and decide what can make their day easier. If you can make changes in your home to decrease your pet arthritis pain, your pet will appreciate all of your efforts.


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