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July 20, 2011 at 3:21 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Helping Relieve Your Pets Pain

By Dr. Char Wilson, DVM More Blogs by This Author

Dr. Char Wilson goes over some of the helpful properties of Promaxol, a homeopathic treatment remedy.
Host, Gerry Barnaby- Hey, what’s happening? Barnaby here—another VETiONX Moment with my pal Dr. Char, a holistic vet since 1987, and we’ve been getting a lot of questions emailed to you, Dr. Char, through—where you get to “Ask the Vet”—about Promaxol. So, quickly, give us a thumbnail sketch about what does Promaxol do?
Health Coach, Dr. Char Wilson, DVM- Well, Promaxol was designed to reduce pain, and so it’s an excellent product because it addresses many different types of pain. There’s 24 different ingredients in there, and it will help to reduce inflammation and make the patient much more comfortable. It also creates a little bit of a detoxification process going on in the body, which is often a good thing, because if the body can kind of clean and heal, then you’re not addressing symptoms on a continual basis, because you’re trying to get to the root of the problem, as well as symptomatically alleviate the discomfort at the time.
Barnaby- And the method of delivery of Promaxol is via water?
Dr. Char- And it may be given in the water dish. It could be added to the food, or sometimes, you know, it could be given just directly into the mouth, especially if the pet is in a very compromised position and it’s not really, you know, thinking about eating and drinking. Then that’s usually the way you’d have to give it, is a syringe right into the mouth.
Barnaby- Well, the reason I asked about the water is one person writes in that she has more than one pet: “Can I use Promaxol in the community water dish? Will it harm the other pets?”
Dr. Char- And it won’t harm the other pets. It’s very safe, and so, in fact, it would probably be kind of good for them, because it will aid the body’s cleansing and detoxification process. So it would be good for them as well.
Barnaby- On the point of detoxification, though, is it going to change your dog or cat’s elimination schedule? Are they going to be just unpredictably pooping and peeing?
Dr. Char- Well, it’s not going to be uncontrollable, but, you know, it may help in that area, to regulate things out.
Barnaby- All right! Well, we’re talking about Promaxol, a great product that you can learn more about right here on Or, you can also ask questions of Dr. Char—we invite you to do a little give and take! But should there ever be an emergency in the household—you’ve said it so many times, Dr. Char—don’t email you with a problem if it’s an emergency—call your vet.

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