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August 16, 2011 at 9:14 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Homeopathic Treatment Side Effects?

By Dr. Char Wilson, DVM More Blogs by This Author

Dr. Char Wilson talks about using promaxol and the positive side effects it can have.
Host, Gerry Barnaby- Hey, how’s it going? Barnaby here with another VETiONX Moment. We are talking about Promaxol. A lot of people, Dr. Char, are writing in and asking questions about Promaxol. They’ve got some concerns about how it might interface with their pets, so here’s one for you, and that is: “Will Promaxol affect my dog’s eating habits?”
Health Coach, Dr. Char Wilson, DVM- Well, it could, because sometimes pets are a little painful and when they’re painful they don’t want to get up to eat, or you know, the pain just limits their appetite. If they start feeling better, they start moving around more, they’re going to have a better appetite. So, it’s a very positive thing.
Barnaby- So, it will affect the eating habit, but in a positive way.
Dr. Char- In a positive way!
Barnaby- See, that’s good stuff! How about this? Because Promaxol is a homeopathic product, this question is, “Will I need to increase fluids while my pet is taking Promaxol?”
Dr. Char- Well, I think that a pet should have water available to it at all times. The amount of fluid isn’t necessarily going to have to increase; however, it would be good that the animal did drink enough and it may want to drink a little bit more because he’s moving around more and the product can cause the body to, like, clean up its cells, to detoxify a little bit, in which case you want to have water to flush out, you know, the debris and clean the insides.
Barnaby- But this will be a natural reflex on the dog or cat’s part? They’ll want to seek the water out? Because, you can bring a dog or cat over to the water dish, but you can’t get them to drink.
Dr. Char- That’s right! So, if they’re kind of detoxing and their bloodstream has a little bit more waste in it and they’re going to be a little bit thirstier, so they’ll want to drink a little bit more and kind of, you know, flush itself.
Barnaby- Okay.
Dr. Char- And, the other thing that I always stress—because owners don’t usually think about this—is that water is so important, and generally the people in the household will have bottled water, but they think nothing of just giving their pet just the plain old tap water. I encourage them to filter that water, because the pet does not need to have the additional chlorine and fluoride added to it.
Barnaby- Right, I can understand that for sure! I guess one last question quickly. Given all the great things you’ve been talking about with Promaxol, this woman writes, “Can I take Promaxol as a human?”
Dr. Char- Well, the sister company, HelloLife, has products, and so Promaxol in the human line is called Painazol. So, I would suggest that she go there and look at that product. They have quite a few different products available that address the common human complaints.
Barnaby- Excellent stuff! Well, thanks so much Dr. Char. It is another VETiONX Moment because truly, your pet is our pet.

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