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August 13, 2013 at 8:00 AMComments: 4 Faves: 0

Have you heard of Roo (Roozer Brewz) the Mini Horse?

By Victoria Swanson More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the Paws & Awws Blog Series

Heart and Soul of a Belgian

Roozer Brewz (aka Roo), a miniature horse (actually classified as a dwarf miniature horse), was born with Tendon Laxity and Dysmaturity. The odds were stacked against this little dwarf horse! But, Roo wasn't having any of that! He was showing his pet-parents that he had the determination and strength of a Belgian.

Dysmaturity pertains to characteristics of being born premature, when a foal is actually born after their due date. Tendon Laxity is when ligaments and tendons of the lower limb are twisted or "stuck" in awkward positions in the birthing canal of the mother that do not allow the foals to stretch their limbs and move about. These abnormally positioned legs develop tightened or shortened ligaments and tendons, and the resulting condition is known as Tendon Laxity or "Windswept."

Too Many Obstacles?

These aren't the only obstacles Roo (only a few weeks old during this time) had been trying to overcome. Roo had a loop of bowel that had herniated into his scrotum, fluid in his groin, and nerve laxity in his larynx. While nursing, nerve laxity causes milk to run out of a foal's nose, which puts them at high risk for aspiration pneumonia -considered a death sentence for many foals. Between surgery and gaining control of his larynx, Roo has overcome these obstacles.

Now, back to his legs. Roo has been fitted with all different types of specialized shoes to help his legs, hooves, joints, and tendons, as he grows. Still, surgery had to be considered to give Roo the quality of life he deserves, at the cost of $12,000 - $20,000.

2 Years Later - Little Roo Is Making Strides

GREAT news! Due to Roo's pet-parents around-the-clock care, it was determined that he could bypass surgery on his front legs, but not his back. With all the fittings, physical therapy, leg wraps, and special shoes, Roo's front legs were straightening out enough and no longer required surgery - one large VICTORY!!

After discussing surgery options for Roo's back legs, which were in worse condition than his front, it was decided to opt out of this route and instead go with special boots with custom orthotic inserts and a wheelchair.

"A mini with a Heart larger than himself." ~ Christine Clark (Roo's pet-mom)

Roo's pet-mom decided to give this little man with the heart and soul of a Belgian a chance at life! With special shoes, a wheelchair, the love and support of his pet-parents and veterinarian staff, Roo continues to make strides!

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