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Natural Remedies for Pet Arthritis

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There is no known cure for arthritis, in pets or in humans. However, there exist many natural remedies that can be utilized to control and manage pet arthritis to a certain extent. It is an interesting fact that many of the symptoms for arthritis in pets are similar to humans, as are many of the natural remedies. The presence of arthritis in your pet should not serve as a barrier for having a quality life.


Acupuncture is a natural technique that has been utilized by centuries. Acupuncture is the process of inserting fine hair like needles along places of the body known as energy lines. Scientifically, it is believed that acupuncture works by activating the nervous system to release certain chemicals for pain relief, causing an overall reduction in pain levels. However, scientific evidence supporting this theory is limited.


Exercise is an important aspect of overall health. It is especially crucial for arthritic pets and is associated with a variety of benefits, including decreases in arthritic flares that are accompanied by pain and inflammation. It is essential that exercise be performed on a regular and not to overdo it. Work into a regular exercise schedule. Exercise is also responsible for many other benefits, including overall increases in energy, weight control, healthy heart and lung maintenance, increases in muscle and bone strength, improvements to sleep pattern, and decreased overall rates of fatigue.

Decrease Stress

The signs and symptoms of arthritis are often enhanced by the presence of stress, both physical and psychological. While exercise is important as it improves overall strength, it is important not to over stress the joints. It is also important to note that during arthritic flares, exercise should be limited. Often times, massaging your pet's joints in a gentle manner can decrease overall stress on the joints and serve to loosen muscles surrounding those joints. Massaging can also create the presence of warmth, which has been shown to decrease pain.

Heat Therapy

Heat has been commonly associated with the capability of decreasing overall pain and inflammation. Arthritic symptoms have also been associated with increases due to the presence of cold or damp environments. Heat can be applied by the use of heating pads or warm water.

Decrease Excess Weight

The presence of excess weight only serves to aggravate the signs and symptoms of arthritis. This is due to the fact that any excess weight creates excess strain on the joints, creating increased amounts of pain and inflammation. By putting your pet on a healthy and regular diet, in addition to regular exercise, you can decrease any extra pain correlated with excess weight. Discuss your overall plan for weight loss with your veterinarian. There are many natural remedies for the relief of certain signs and symptoms associated with arthritis. Take time to research the methods of treatment, effectiveness, and determine any questions you may have. As with any treatment, all treatment options should be discussed with your veterinarian. Do not be afraid to become informed and ask questions. Your pet will sincerely appreciate any and all efforts.


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