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Dr. Lynn Happel: Veterinarian and NEW Vetionx Health Coach!

By Dr. Lynn Happel DVM More Blogs by This Author

Hello! I'm Dr. Lynn Happel, a veterinarian and new coach for VetIonx.

I chose veterinary medicine as a career at an early age and never looked back. I love my patients, science, and combining the two to help pets live the longest, healthiest lives possible.

I graduated from Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2003. I worked at a small, 3 doctor animal practice in Muskegon, Michigan for 2 years and then at an 8 doctor, small animal practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan for 6 years. I was then ready to hang out my own shingle and opened a small animal veterinary practice in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in June 2011. I currently employ 2 doctors (myself included) and 13 support staff.

Just Your Friendly Neighborhood Doctor!

The Eastown neighborhood, where I opened my practice, is amazing. There's a huge sense of community and support among the businesses and residents. There's an eclectic urban vibe that permeates the air through several ethnic restaurants, boutique shops, salons, and yoga/meditation studios. A veterinary clinic was a great fit for the walkable neighborhood - a place where people take their dogs to the coffee shop and cats peer out of windows down on the hustle and bustle of urban renewal.

My Veterinary Specializations

Quality medicine and care is a passion of mine. In Michigan, there are no standards of veterinary care and no one inspects veterinary clinics to make sure they are operating in the best interest of the patient. We don't even have continuing education mandatory! As long as you pay your dues to the State of Michigan on time, you can continue practicing veterinary medicine. Because I am so passionate about providing the best care possible, I belong to the American Animal Hospital Association. This organization sets guidelines and inspects their members' clinics to make sure veterinary medicine is being practiced at the current, best standards. As with any profession, we're always learning new and better ways to do things and it's important to stay current.

Another passion of mine is veterinary dentistry. Dental health is often overlooked in pets. Dental disease can cause pain and contribute to heart, liver, kidney, and lung disease. The best way to slow your pet's dental disease is daily tooth brushing and annual dental cleanings under anesthesia. It's a paradigm shift for so many people that had pets and "never brushed their teeth and they were fine," but it will actually help your pet be healthier and live longer. Many pet owners are worried about anesthesia in their pet, but anesthesia is very safe when it is performed appropriately ( education is important here). We brush our teeth 2-3 times daily and have cleanings every 6 months. Shouldn't we provide the best for our beloved pets as well?!

In My Down Time?

When I'm not in the clinic, you'll find me playing in the park with my two young boys, attending a board meeting for the Eastown Business Association, training for a triathlon, writing up my cases as I work toward board certification in veterinary dentistry, or curled up in a big chair and half reading a book with my cat "Sweetie Black," my Husky mix "Rio," and my German Shorthair Pointer "Gertie."

I am excited to be part of the Vetionx team and a consultant for the members of the Smart Living Network!

Photo Credit: Grand Rapids Business Journal

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  • Dr. Happel, welcome to the Smart Living Network:-). The passion and professionalism you express with your practice will be so refreshing for readers!

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