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How to Relieve Your Dog's Itchy Skin

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Seeing a dog itch is so common, we often take it as just a part of natural dog behavior. But that itch can be a real pain to your pet, day and night. The cause of itchy dog skin can be a number of things. It could be because of insects (fleas and lice), a skin condition called pruritus, or an all-too-common food allergy.

A licensed veterinarian should diagnose of the source of the itchy skin. If it's a dietary issue, you can start with supplements first. Digestive enzymes and omega fatty acids and can support the immune system and digestion. The supplements can help reduce inflammation of the skin.

Consider Better Pet Food

Try upgrading to a higher grade of pet food. Look for ingredients that include omega fatty acids. Fish oils and flaxseed are a couple of healthy ingredients to look for. Avocado is also healthy, but you should be careful with the fruit because the pit and skin can be harmful to your dog. 

Common food allergens in dogs are corn, soy and wheat. There are allergies to proteins such as chicken, beef and bison as well, so get an allergy test done on your furry friend.

Checking the label on the package is essential as well. Lower grade dog food can contain byproducts. When the label says chicken byproduct that means it can contain feathers, bones, beaks and a number of different animal parts. If you are feeding your dog byproducts, it can be allergic to one of the byproducts and not the meat itself. 

A higher quality meat-based dog food can be the answer as well. It can be tough to find a dog food that does not contain byproducts. Nutro Natural Choice offers dog food made without byproducts. Their website allows you to select what the issue is with your pet and it will direct you to the right product. For the itchy skin syndrome, they have a line of turkey, fish or venison and potato formula that could help ease the skin issues your dog or cat is having.

The Blue Buffalo Company produces some very high quality foods for your pets.  They provide a wide range of protein meats with chicken, duck, salmon and turkey.  They have a line of grain-free (gluten-free) products that are high in protein and are rich in vitamins and omega fatty acids. One product, Freedom Grain-Free contains mostly deboned chicken, potatoes, a range of vegetables and flax seeds. 

Don't forget there are also topical solutions that can help as a temporary solution. For instance, dog shampoo is very effective for itchy skin.

Get an allergy test to find out what is the cause and address it. If not, your beloved pet will not only continue scratching, itching and biting itself to the brink of insanity, but its whole body with be under a constant state of stress.


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