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How to Give Your Pet a Naturally Healthy Immune System

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Our pets play a special and important role in our lives. Whether it's a day at the park playing games or providing comfort after a long day of work, our pets fill our lives with friendship and unconditional love. But just like people, dogs and cats have their days when they don't feel quite as well and need our care and attention. As a pet owner, it is important to make sure that your pet remains healthy, and you can help ensure your pet's good health by supporting its immune system.

A Pet's Immune System

As with people, pets need to have a strong immune system in order to fight off infectious organisms and other viruses. The immune response of a pet's body allows the immune system to detect and fight off organisms and foreign substances that invade the body's system and cause disease. There are two main forms of the immune system: innate and adaptive. The innate immune system is considered the preliminary means of defense. This defense can be found in the skin, respiratory mucous, stomach acid and saliva. The innate immune system also includes cells known as phagocytes, which eliminate non-specific foreign objects. The adaptive immune system is the secondary line of defense, allowing for multiple approaches to fight viruses that have entered the body. The adaptive immune system is formed from a combination of development at birth, to specific conditions and vaccinations. Without a strong immune system, a pet could become very sick or worse.

Proper Immune System Care

The best way to ensure that a pet has a healthy immune system is to provide quality diet and exercise. With so many unhealthy pet foods on the market today, it is important to research food ingredients to ensure a safe diet with the proper nutritional requirements. Adding a supplement can help pets meet their daily nutritional needs. Additionally, plenty of movement and fresh air from exercise will invigorate the pet's body and mind, helping the immune system to stay robust.

Providing Quality Pet Meals and Exercise

The diet provided to a pet should cover specific requirements to their overall health and well-being. Food and treats should deliver essential nutritional value for dogs and cats, as well as provide good tasting meals. Treats should be used in moderation, as overexposure can be harmful to the overall health of the immune system. And as a general rule, human food should be avoided when it comes to a pet's diet. Exercise also provides an added benefit, by keeping a pet in good health through weight control, depression prevention, reduction of digestive problems and constipation, and promotes healthy rest, all vital for keeping the body in top shape. Anything from walks to play wrestling to stimulation with toys provides plenty of activity for an animal.

Its Good for the Pet and For You

For the loving companionship pets provide, keeping pets healthy and happy is a small price that animal owners pay for overall well-being.


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