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July 20, 2011 at 3:30 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Natural Remedies for Pet Situations

By Dr. Char Wilson, DVM More Blogs by This Author

Dr. Char Wilson answers some questions on what natural remedies to use for certain special situations with a pet.
Host, Gerry Barnaby – Hey, what’s up? Another VETiONX Moment where we’re talking to Dr. Char, who has been a holistic vet now since 1987, and we’re working off of a sheet here with questions that have come to us from you, simply by clicking on the “Ask the Vet” icon on the website.  So, here’s an interesting one, Doc. I heard garlic is good for keeping away fleas in dogs.  True or False?
Health Coach, Dr. Char Wilson, DVM –   Well, it can make the dog smell different, so maybe the flea will jump on somebody else.  However, if there are a lot of fleas, it’s not going to keep the fleas off.  They’ll find the dog.
Barnaby – How are you going to get the dog to eat garlic, anyway? Again, they’ll eat anything put in front of them?
Dr. Char – Actually, they do kind of like the taste of garlic, you know.
Barnaby – Well, could you hurt them if you think, “A little is good, so a lot is better”?
Dr. Char –   Well, you wouldn’t want to use a lot. If you want to put a little sprinkle on, yes, you could, but you don’t want to go overboard on that.
Barnaby – Okay, how about this?  Another home remedy: “I heard that you can use apple cider vinegar on my dog for itchy skin.”  True or False?
Dr. Char –   Well, I wouldn’t necessarily do that, because there is basically yeast components in there. So when I have clients, I would probably use something else, topically.  There are various sprays—you could also use Derma-IonX in spray form.  Generally when people buy a bottle of the Derma, they will also get a little spray bottle included, so that they can spray it on the skin and it can offer some relief.
Barnaby – Excellent!  Okay, well, this person apparently is against any sort of regular medicine, because she asks: “My cat has a runny eye. I don’t want to give it any medicine—what do I use instead of medicine to treat a runny eye?
Dr. Char –    Well, I would definitely go to the veterinarian and have that checked out, because you know, there could have been something that poked it and there could be an infection there or it could be allergies or something.  I would want to know what it was, what the cause was, and then go from there.  We use a lot of Derma-IonX internally, so she could add that to the food once she knew, you know, let’s say it’s really more of an allergy process going on, and that’s why the one side is draining. So then I would do that, but if it was an infection, I would definitely treat the infection.
Barnaby – Okay, last question here, and that is: what natural remedies can I give my pregnant pet to make her feel more comfortable?
Dr. Char –    Well, really pets don’t seem to be all that uncomfortable when they’re pregnant.  Unless they’re a large dog and they have more than a dozen puppies—I could see where that would be a bit uncomfortable—but normally, they seem to go with the flow and are pretty good. So you want to use common sense when you have a pregnant animal—you know, plenty of good food near the end of the pregnancy to increase the amount of the food that they’re given.  That they’re given a balanced diet, that they have adequate pure water to drink. They can use a little bit of homeopathics if they think that will be helpful. Generally, it’s a pretty simple, normal condition.
Barnaby- Absolutely. And I think we as owners just think, “Oh, she just looks so uncomfortable, I have to do something for her.”  Let nature take its course.
Dr. Char –    Right.
Barnaby- Alrighty. Good stuff Dr. Char, as always, right here on—where your pet is our pet.

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