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July 20, 2011 at 3:40 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

How Your Pet Can Get Sick

By Dr. Char Wilson, DVM More Blogs by This Author

Dr. Char Wilson explains how your flu symptoms and virus can be passed to your pets.
Host, Gerry Barnaby - Hey what’s up? Barnaby here, another VETiONX Moment where you get to ask the Vet, Dr. Char, been a holistic vet since 1987, so she knows whereof she speaks.  And so, here’s one for you.  We were talking, remember this, about cats and dogs vomiting.  Well, we got a lot of questions about that. Well, some little kid wrote in and asked, “Hey, do horses vomit?”  Do they?
Health Coach, Dr. Char Wilson, – No they don’t.
Barnaby - Really?  Why is that?
Dr. Char – They’re just structurally different.
Barnaby – You mean their digestive system.
Dr. Char – Well, they way they are structured, they don’t usually vomit.  Not like cats and dogs that will do it at the drop of a hat.
Barnaby – Okay, and just to back roll a little bit here—it is, if a cat or dog vomits, that is a point of concern, and you should probably take your dog or cat to the vet.
Dr. Char – Right, usually, unless you can have a good explanation for it.  Well, like sometimes you know that maybe someone in the family gave it a bowl of ice cream and it vomited, well, you kind of know that once it’s out, it’s over with.  But, if you don’t have a good explanation, you should probably take your animal to the vet and find out what caused it.
Barnaby - Or if there’s a pinwheel lying in right in the middle of the pile?
Dr. Char – Yes.
Barnaby – All right, so, let’s talk about this—because last time I got the flu, I was sick, I was throwing up, and so this is a great question, and that is: can dogs get the flu?
Dr. Char – They can, so there have been reports where dogs got H1N1 and they caught it from their family members, so you know, the family has to be aware that there are certain viruses that they need to make sure they’re not letting their pet come into direct contact with if they’re really ill.
Barnaby – So, this spans all pets?
Dr. Char –   Well, you know, cats and dogs. And so I think that you’re better off erring on the side of caution and so that, if someone is sick in the family, that they just be very careful, that they kind of stay away from everyone else, that they use good hygiene and they just not spread the virus along.
Barnaby – It is interesting—when you aren’t feeling well, dogs and cats just seem to know that and they’ll come by you side and they’ll nuzzle up against you.
Dr. Char –   And they’ll want to lick you.
Barnaby – Doing all the wrong things. But, so, give them a little space and your dog or cat will be happier for it, right?
Dr. Char –   Yes.
Barnaby – Alrighty, good information right there, and the sort of information you’re going to get on by looking at these videos—but also by punching the “Get in Contact with the Vet” button, because through that portal you can get all sorts of great information and your questions answered in a timely fashion from Dr. Char, so check back often.

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