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July 20, 2011 at 3:52 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Detoxifying Your Pets

By Dr. Char Wilson, DVM More Blogs by This Author

Dr. Char Wilson talks about how to detoxify your pets and how it greatly improves their life.
Host, Gerry Barnaby - What’s going on? Barnaby here.  After 55 years on the planet, I think I’ve probably accumulated a whole bunch of stuff in my body I wish wasn’t there, because of bad food choices and lifestyle issues.  So, my friends say, “Barnaby, detox!”  I might.  But, Dr. Char, who is a holistic veterinarian—we were just talking about, actually, more and more people are asking you to detox their pets?
Health Coach, Dr. Char Wilson, DVM – That’s right. 
Barnaby - Yeah, what sort of things are we trying to get rid of in a pet?
Dr. Char - You know, pets actually acquire a lot of toxins in the environment.  They may have, topical flea
products put on their skin.  They could have contact with your pesticides out on the lawn, they spray around the shrubs.  And so there’s all types of pesticides, insecticides that they encounter.  Sometimes even the food has things that we’re not really wanting in the food.  And based on labeling, you don’t really know because the manufacturer of the food only has to on the ingredient listing what they added – not what somebody else added that came in to that food…
Barnaby - Like growing of the beef that might be in their product that they process.
Dr. Char - That’s right.  So there’s all kinds of environmental contaminants that our pets are coming into contact with.
Barnaby - How do you detox a pet?
Dr. Char - Well, the easiest way is to use homeopathy, because it kind of opens up the cells and helps that cell to clean.  And, if you clean up the cell, it can function normally.  And a normally functioning cell will keep the body healthy.
Barnaby - How often to you detox the pet?
Dr. Char - Well, you can do that periodically. And we have a product called H2O-IonX (Water-IonX) that helps with digestion and helps to kind of cleanse the body.  So that would be one way that you could use on a regular basis to just keep opening up the cells and helping them to stay clean.
Barnaby - Sounds great!  And so, I think it’s probably a great idea.  Is there a human-grade version of this I can take?
Dr. Char - There is the sister form we have at HelloLife.
Barnaby - Alright, well, I’m all over that because it is always about feeling the best you can.  And I imagine if you pet is detoxed, it’s going to appear to act and feel just a little bit differently.
Dr. Char - It should have a better energy level and just feel better.
Barnaby - Alrighty.  Well, let’s see if it works on Barnaby.  I’m going to for my human-grade version of that.  But you’re right here on, where you can get the pet-grade version – so says Dr. Char.  And, you know what?  This is all great information, isn’t it?  If you have a question for Dr. Char, you’re in the right place.  Ask here on our website,, and we’ll ask her right here, right in front of the camera.

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