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Caring for a leopard gecko

By Colleen Hammer More Blogs by This Author

Leopard geckos are the easiest type of gecko to raise. In terms of responsibility, the temperature of their cage is not limited to a specific degree. They also require feeding every other day, and spend most of the day asleep while their activity is highest at night. They are ectothermic, which means they absorb energy during the day during sleep so they can have the ability to hunt later at night. 

Common diseases that leopard geckos face are as listed:

  • anorexia caused by stress

  • metabolic bone disease

  • dystocia, which is when a female gecko cannot lay her eggs

Taking a reptile to the vet immediately can reduce the problems that may come later, but not all solutions can help a problem. Pedialyte baths are given to reduce dehydration when a reptile is no longer eating or drinking. The most important part caring for an ill reptile is to try to date back when you first noticed changes. The sooner you can fix the change, the sooner the reptile will recover.


Reptiles will shed often in their lives, and in doing this act may or may not reduce the amount of food they eat in the time period of shedding. They will also rest a great deal during this time, because they are growing larger and adjusting to a new size. It is important to keep feeding them and let them rest, so they can shed properly. Temperatures vary for reptiles, but sometimes it is the key to a good quality shed. If the temperate is not right, the reptile may not shed and which will cause further problems in the skin, such as the old skin tightening on the reptile and it will not be able to move its ligaments. 

Shedding also can get rid of an old coat of skin and prepare for a new one. The reptile may act strange at this time from its normal behavior, and that is normal. Its appetite will decrease in this time. If the decrease in appetite persists, then there is a problem.


The easiest part of feeding a leopard gecko or any reptile is that they tend to eat the same things. Mealworms, waxworms, super worms, and crickets are among the staple of their diet. The easiest option is to go to your local pet store and get a starter kit for your breed of reptile. They have Leopard Gecko Starter Kits, which include vitamins and different types of worms and crickets. It is also easy to go to the fish area of a pet store and ask for crickets in a bag. Be sure to ask for an egg carton also, the crickets like to eat it while living in the reptile's environment. Also be sure to check when you buy your worms, for freshness and smells. If the worms appear dead, the reptile may not want to eat them because the hunt is no longer on. Reptiles love to feel like they are the hunter when eating, and if the prey is dead there is no excitement to it.

Enjoyment from having a pet

Animals bring us joy, and the best part is seeing the fruits of your own labor at the end of your journey. Whether you are buying a reptile for curiosity, or because you simply want a friend to talk to — a leopard gecko is the easiest pet to raise, even if you are not busy. They always look like they are smiling, so you have all the more reason to feel like your reptile enjoys your presence. 

Whatever you choose, a reptile will make a great companion to your family. I wish you the best in your adventure!

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