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July 20, 2011 at 3:57 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Pet Arthritis Care

By Dr. Char Wilson, DVM More Blogs by This Author

Dr. Char Wilson talks about pet arthritis and different treatment options to care for your beloved furry friends.
Host, Gerry Barnaby- Hey, what’s happening? Barnaby here—another VETiONX Moment where your pet is our pet, and we’ve been getting a lot of chatter via email, Dr. Char, about—well, the products, and people have questions about how they affect their pet specifically, so—want to go after this?
Health Coach, Dr. Char Wilson, DVM- Sure.
Barnaby- Here we go! What does Arthro-IonX do that arthritis medications can’t do for my dog?
Dr. Char- Well, Arthro-IonX is homeopathic, and so it works very quickly to offer some pain relief, and it also stimulates the body to heal, and that is way better than a traditional medication that has side effects and can actually slow down the course of healing or do nothing at all in terms of stimulating healing—it only blocks the pain receptors.
Barnaby- Okay, so that’s for dogs—let’s flip it over, because we have another person who’s a cat owner with the very same question: what about it for cats?
Dr. Char- Well, and so it’s very important for cats, because I get questions all the time that people ask “Could I give aspirin or Tylenol?” and if they do that for their cat, they could very well kill it, because the cat has different detoxification pathways than the dog, and so those drugs would be extremely harmful.
Barnaby- Okay, well, let’s flip it over to a larger beast, because apparently there’s a horse owner out there that would love to know: “What does Arthro-IonX do that arthritis medications can’t do for my horse?”
Dr. Char- Well, so, with horses it’s very advantageous, because a lot of times Bute is used for a horse to alleviate pain. However, whenever you’re using non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, you can cause ulceration of the gastric mucosa and bleeding, and so it affects the horse. You know, they can only take these types of drugs for so long, so if you can meliorate pain safely, then that’s the thing to do.
Barnaby- Well, you know, when people hear about a good product, they think “Well, if it’s good for my dog or cat, is it good for me?” and that is a question from one of the people that wrote in, so can a human take the Arthro-IonX and expect the same sort of results you see in a pet?
Dr. Char- Well, the basic premise still holds true for people. However, we do have a sister company called HelloLife, and so for the equivalent of Arthro-IonX would be Rhumatol, and the equivalent for Promaxol would be Painazol, and so it’s very easy to go to that website, and they can look at the fine products that are listed there.
Barnaby- Excellent! Well, this is kind of fun, isn’t it, because you get a little bit of give and take going here—the people that log on to VETiONX are asking you questions, getting great answers, and actually, so you don’t have to always sift through the videos, you actually do reply via email to these folks, correct?
Dr. Char- Yes I do. So, there’s a little link that they have to agree to the terms, which means that we can’t guarantee that we will answer promptly. Sometimes when I’m online, I’m able to respond back within a minute, but sometimes if there’s a lot of emails that come in, it could be a longer length of time—it could be a week or so before they get the reply, so of course we can’t be held liable if their animal is in a crisis; they need to go to an emergency facility. But, you know, we do pretty well at answering the questions, and we have this ongoing conversation back and forth, so we get to know their pets.
Barnaby- Excellent. Well, you know, it is always good to hear what’s on people’s minds. We’ll answer them as we can—we’ve got four pages here that we’re going to try to do. So, the videos are deep, the information is beneficial, so it’s all another VETiONX Moment where, seriously folks, your pet is our pet, so check back often.

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