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Pet Eats Blogs

[Paws & Awws] 5 Pet Food Secrets Corporations Don't Want You To Know About

You have a vague idea that it should be meat-based but do you REALLY know what's in your pet's food? Here are just 5 pet… Read More ▶

[Feline 101] People Foods Your Cats Shouldn't Eat

Though many of the foods we eat are safe and healthy for our feline friends, some can upset their system, others present choking hazards, and… Read More ▶

RECALL: Hill's 'Science Diet' Being Recalled for Possible Salmonella Contamination

If you ve recently purchased dog food take note - Vet s #1 Choice kibble, Hill s Science Diet, has issued a recall for possible… Read More ▶

Why Dogs Need a Grain Free Diet

For dogs grains are simply not a nutritional requirement. Canines living in the wild primarily eat protein in the form of other animals. A grain… Read More ▶

[Paws & Awws] Dog Trainer, Victoria Swanson: My Top 3 Dog Food Picks

Recently my blog 5 Pet Food Secrets Corporations Don 't Want You to Know got a huge response. There was lot of surprise and disgust… Read More ▶

Lets Talk Jerky Treats and Dogs

Close to 600 dogs have recently died from consuming jerky treats, but this isn't just a recent problem. Since 2007, over 3,500 cases of dogs… Read More ▶

[Paws & Awws] How Dangerous Are GMOs in Our Dogs Diet?

Overall health plays a role in our pet s well-being. As a trainer, I frequently talk to my clients about their dog's nutrition and diet.… Read More ▶

Human Foods Your Dog Can Eat

Most people believe table scraps are off limits, but a few tasty choices can provide your pet with vital nutrients. Read More ▶

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