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Pet Eats

As human beings, we're always discussing the importance of our eating habits, but what about our pets? Their diet is just as important! It's imperative that we take care of our pet's overall well-being, and we can start by establishing a nutritious diet for them. In this group, you'll find topics ranging from grain-free food, raw diets, fresh diets, healthy treats, recipes, and so much more.

[Paws & Awws] 5 Pet Food Secrets Corporations Don't Want You To Know About

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RECALL: Hill's 'Science Diet' Being Recalled for Possible Salmonella Contamination

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[Feline 101] People Foods Your Cats Shouldn't Eat

Though many of the foods we eat are safe and healthy for our feline friends, some can upset their system, others present choking hazards, and… Read More ▶

Why Dogs Need a Grain Free Diet

For dogs grains are simply not a nutritional requirement. Canines living in the wild primarily eat protein in the form of other animals. A grain… Read More ▶

[Feline 101] Simple Homemade Cat Treats Your Kitty's Going to Love

Chicken Tuna Egg Cheese Catnip… Read More ▶

[Paws & Awws] Victoria Swanson: My Top 3 Cat Food Picks

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[Paws & Awws] Human Foods that are OK for Your Dog

A well-rounded, nutritious diet supports your dog's eyes, skin, coat, weight, and even their joints! Read More ▶

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