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By Rosie Joy More Blogs by This Author

Before you began conducting a search for a positive or a good dog board and train Los Angeles trainer, it is critical to get acknowledged about exactly what a good dog trainer really is. The random phrase 'positive training' is not at all a scientific term, and therefore this term is important to understand for the purposes of finding a good dog boarding and training Los Angeles based trainer.

In brief and simple words, a positive dog trainer is the one who knows how to avoid the use of pain, fear, and punishment. Not only in dog board and train Los Angeles tools but in techniques as well when training dogs. A positive trainer will highly rely on the power of positive reinforcement which is combined with an understanding of what actually dominance is as well as the dog punishment dangers.

A good dog boarding and training Los Angeles based trainer is also a great listener. He or she should be interested in listening to your dog's tendencies, characteristics, personal history, strengths, and weaknesses. Rather than just jumping into the situation and immediately dictating who and what needs to change in your pup, a good trainer starts by sitting down and talking through expectations, concerns, and philosophies and ends on doing any actual training or behavior modification work needed.

Below we have discussed some of the qualities of a positive dog board and train Los Angelestrainers who are worth trusting when it comes to your dog's well-being:

  • The trainer must have good people skills:
    It is indeed imperative that any good dog boarding and training Los Angeles based trainer be a great communicator in both terms; listening to your questions and concerns and teaching you along with your dog. The trainer should be very easy to understand and capable to pace their teaching style to whatever speed you and your pup need.
  • The trainer must be a great listener:
    This is significantly important; you can simply tell during your first contact with a dog trainer with the help of an email, phone or in person about whether the trainer is willing to give you the time to hear what you have to say or not. If you feel like the trainer is not able to communicate effectively with you, the process will be infinitely more challenging for you and your dog.
  • The trainer uses positive methods to address negative dog behavior:
    Any random dog board and train Los Angeles boot camp would be able to teach a dog, ho to stay, come, or sit by making use of positive reinforcement. But it requires some quality and polished skills along with experience and confidence to address the negative behavior of a dog in a positive style.

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