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The Complete Guide to a Pet-Friendly Summer Trip

By Erin Froehlich More Blogs by This Author

Whether your vacation lasts two days or two weeks, summer is the favorite time for new scenery, fun, and relaxation to be shared. Families all over are planning their vacations, and more than ever, these include a family pet. A vacation with your dog or cat can make a special trip even better, but before you take off, there are some things to consider. Here you'll find tips to help you plan a pet-friendly trip - advice on pet-friendly hotels and tips for traveling by car or plane with your pet in tow.

Travel Bug or Homebody?

Before you start packing bags for Fido or Fluffy, it's a good idea to consider their personality and prior travel experience. A temperamental, skittish, aggressive, or highly vocal pet will not be welcomed by a hotel and its guests. If your pet fits any of these descriptions, do both your pet and your family a favor and leave them at home with a sitter. Additionally, a pet who goes stiff or runs and hides when invited in the car is not going to be a happy traveler. However, this fear may be overcome with enough time and practice. A month of passenger's training before your trip should help to prepare them.

Mad Dash or Walk in the Park?

Another consideration would be the length and pace of your trip. If you're planning a short trip visiting as many tourist locations as possible, a dog may hinder your plans and add stress to what should be a time to relax and enjoy yourself.

Pet Friendly Destinations

When choosing a location ask yourself: Is this a pet or people-oriented place? Will my pet be able to come most places with me, or will they be stuck at a hotel for 8 hours of the day? While a cat may be alright with this arrangement, a dog most likely will not. Climate is another consideration; extreme hot or extreme cold are conditions which make it unsafe for a pet to be left alone in a car for even a few minutes. Many hotels will not allow pets to be left alone there, so it's important to take this matter into consideration.

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