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[Paws & Awws] Pet-Proofing Christmas Tips

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It is that time of year again.... jingle bells, sugar cookies and holiday cheer!

Truly, it's a wonderful thing - but did you know all the seasonal decorations and treats ALSO make this the time of year that most pets end up at the vet's emergency clinic? :/

Don't let your pet be one!

Here are some tips on keeping your pets safe and in good cheer around the holidays.

The Christmas Tree

An indoor tree for ME?! And oh! It comes with dangly toys!

Cats LOVE Christmas trees, but they don't understand that this particular tree isn't made for them to climb. Monitor your kitty when they begin to explore this new thing in their living room and be sure to do the following:

Lessons Learned: Izzy's Christmas Story # 1

Our Izzy decided last Christmas that 3 bags of gourmet coffee grounds (wrapped in cardboard boxes and under the Christmas tree) were a good enough item to get into. When I got home, the kids and I found trails of coffee grounds (yes, all three bags were ripped open) throughout our house. I was only gone for 15 minutes, thank goodness she didn't eat it!



Treats and Sweets and Holiday Dinner

Please review my two previous blogs on holiday dinners and which human foods are safe to feed your pets. These tips will help to keep your fur kid's tummies are both satisfied and safe.

Lessons Learned: Izzy's Christmas Story # 2

Two Christmas ago, we had a bowl of chocolate candy out on our end table by the couch. We came home to nothing but wrappers all over our living room floor, an empty candy dish and a sheepish smile on Izzy's face as if she was saying to us What? Is their a problem? She ate the whole bowl of candy, approximately 15 pieces of miniature candy bars. We were extremely lucky that our little Izzy didn't get sick or need medical assistance! Romeo of course, sat looking from Izzy to us - shaking his head as if telling us I tried to tell her mom, but she wouldn't listen to me.

Guest and Pets

Check out the tips from my previous blog in regards to keeping both your guests and your pets happy. Here is a brief reminder...

A final note on Izzy's Christmas Story's.

Izzy is safely locked away in our library with a beautiful view of the backyard and critters. We no longer have worries of what we might come home to when it comes to Izzy-ism's! Romeo, Casey and Oliver have all been good little pets around the holidays.

Follow these friendly holiday tips and you and your pets will have a wonderful and safe HOWL-I-DAY!

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