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Dog TrainingWhy It is So Important

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The popularity of house pets is growing exponentially. For instance, there are an estimated 24 million pets in Australia alone, mostly dogs (38% of households own a dog). However, in order to be a loving and responsible dog owner, providing it with food, shelter and cuddles isnt enough. Your dog definitely needs training and heres why:

It contributes to socialization

Like people, dogs need socialization in order to learn how to behave around people and other dogs. Teaching your dog the dos and donts of interacting with animals and humans will save you a lot of trouble and make your future more peaceful and enjoyable. Plus, spending time with your dog will boost your own social life, too. Being able to attend classes and hit your local dog park will put you in touch with many new people.

It keeps your dog fit

If you have a pet that struggles with weight issues, practicing obedience and agility might be a great way to keep your dog fit and healthy. Many types of dog training require plenty of moving, running and jumping which will surely make your dog burn some serious calories. Plus, youll be moving with them as well and ensure your own fitness. When you have a fit dog, your walks and your playtimes will be much more enjoyable.

It keeps your dog safe

If your dog is well-trained, it will certainly provide a much safer environment for you, your family and friends. For instance, in 2013-14, over 4000 people were hospitalized due to dog-related injuries in Australia alone! A dog that will listen to your command and not jump on every visitor that comes through your doors will save your guests from scratches and bruises as well as bites. But, attending training is not only good for humans, but for the animal as well. In some cases, having a dog that comes when called or sits when ordered can be lifesaving! So, if you want to ensure everyone in your family is safe, including your pet, consider signing up for professional dog training in Sydney and help your dog learn all kinds of commands and beneficial behaviors. From basic commands to behavior correction, your pup will learn new things and become a happier dog!

It contributes to a better understanding

The more time you spend with your pup, the easier it will be to control it. With professional training and guidance, youll acquire a better understanding of your dogs needs and intentions. Soon youll start to notice various telltale signs of aggression, discomfort and happiness like the position of the tail and ears, posture, lip and tongue movement and vocal signals. All of these will add to a better understanding of your four-legged friend and contribute to your happier lives.

It benefits your home

With a well-behaved dog, you can avoid garden holes, chewed-up shoes, destroyed furniture and toilet accidents. Living with a trained dog is much easier and more relaxedno more stress and tension!

It creates a stronger bond

Dog training will ensure you spend more time with your furry friend which will create a stronger bond and boost love between you two. Just a few minutes of work with your dog every day will mean better communication and a more loyal pet.

It makes a happier dog

A dog that can follow its owner on holidays, meet new people and animals, be better understood and more confident is a dog thats happy and content. This directly means fewer opportunities for aggression and misbehavior which is something you dont want to see in a pet. Happy doggy equals happy owner!

So, if your pup still hasnt been trainer, make sure to find a good class near you and get ready to step into a whole new and happier stage of your cohabitation!

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