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[Paws & Awws] Celebrate THREE Pet Events!!

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Hairball Awareness Day

Oh what we need to know about HAIRBALLS!? If you are a cat owner you get it!

Cats shed and groom themselves (using their sand-like-paper tongue, that catches fur and they swallow it), and then....wait for it....wait for it....the unnerving sound of the "haccccckkkk." The results afterwards are a clumped up, entwined, wet piece of fur that is called a Hairball! Why the heck is there a Hairball Awareness Day? Many pet-parents observe, find one, and worry about their feline's well-being when they are "hacking" up a hairball. Hairballs effect the digestive system in our cats and it is important to understand how to prevent, minimize, or help our cats through the unrattling affects of coughing up a hairball!

There are many websites that bring this day to light and even Huffington Post has an article about it!

The Furminator

Hills Pets

ASPCA - American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Some tips to lessen the hairball effect for your feline:

National Kids and Pets Day

There is a website dedicated to this national day!!! This website offers some great ideas to help kids celebrate with their pets. They have a photo contest, and a magazine that offers fantastic ideas, tips, and suggestions to teach kids how to be respectful and care for their pets!

Kids and Pets Day

Some tips to celebrate National Kids and Pets Day:

World Veterinary Day

Celebrating our veterinaries that help pet-parents keep their beloved fur companions healthy is important!

Check out these websites to learn more:

World Vet


Some tips (from AVMA) to honor your Veterinarian:

I hope you enjoy one or all of these fantastic events with your pet!

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