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Pet Behavior Blogs

Big or Small? Long Haired or Short? Here's What Your Pet Says About You!

Given that science backs the old idea that we pick pets that are like ourselves the obvious question becomes what does our pet choice say… Read More ▶

[Paws & Awws] SNAP, BOOM, BAM! Fireworks and Pets

The beginning of summer is wonderful. Ahhhhh .the smell of BBQ s, sitting on the patio with friends, watching the flowers bloom, listening to the… Read More ▶

The Complete Guide to a Pet-Friendly Summer Trip

A vacation with your dog or cat can make a special trip even better, but before you take off, there are some things to consider. Read More ▶

Effectively Train Your Dog with Electric Collars

One dog may respond well to commands, while another may need more help and assistance. Electric dog collars may sound a bit harsh, but they… Read More ▶

Online Sports Games - Feel the pleasure

Playing these games is not only a good pastime, but it also increases your concentration as well as your confidence level. Read More ▶

Want To Make Your Home A Safe Haven For Your Pets? Heres What You Need To Do

When a baby is born into a family, steps are taken to ensure that the baby doesn t suffer from any possible harm. However, when… Read More ▶


One Read More ▶

[Paws & Awws] The Cons of a Multi-Pet Household: Why You Might Want to Reconsider Having More Than One Pet

I have four pets - two cats and two dogs - and they are my joy! I love coming home to all four of them.… Read More ▶

Latest Pet Behavior Blogs

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