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ISTP — The Mechanic

About The Mechanic (ISTP)

You are, the Mechanic.

Never to be tied down by rules or regulations, the Mechanic will prevail in any environment they see as their own. Left to their own devices, the Mechanic sees the world as a playground to be experienced, and thus, understood.

Not one to be bound by a cubicle, you won't find a Mechanic in your average office setting, preferring instead, a profession that allows them to consistently tear apart and rebuild. What it is that is rebuilt doesn't matter to the Mechanic, as it is the process and understanding that matters most to them.

Adventurous to the core, the Mechanic seeks kindred spirits when involving themselves in friendships. When that bond is created, the Mechanic will see it as such, and guard it loyally as would a brother or sister.

This friendship tends to be the limit of the Mechanics relationships as they see an intimate commitment as something that may threaten their freedom and livelihood. This isn't to say the Mechanic is incapable of intimacy, but their partner must be capable of keeping up and understanding their free nature.

A spirit never to be contained, the Mechanic is simple in design and want, with a desire for adventure that should never be underestimated.

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