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ISTJ — The Examiner

About The Examiner (ISTJ)

You are, the Examiner.

Quiet and reserved, the Examiner is a personality driven by a desire for peace and security. While some may have their moments in which they go against the grain, the Examiner is most commonly a traditionalist that believes in laws and an established mode of operation.

The Examiner is extremely dependable and can be counted on to follow through with whatever they promise, as they are driven by a strong sense of duty and responsibility. This strong sense of integrity and duty can sometimes lead to the Examiner being overburdened with work as they may have a difficult time saying no. They prefer to work alone, but thoroughly enjoy being the leader of a group as long as the communal goal makes practical sense to them.

The Examiner can have great difficulty expressing their emotions or understanding emotion in others. This can lead to some assuming that the Examiner is a cold personality, but, in truth, it may just take them some time to understand that emotion is important to their peers. If this is the case and the Examiner feels that it is practical to understand said emotion, they may seem to warm to those around them.

While the lack of emotional expression can bleed into the intimate relationships of the Examiner, they will dedicate themselves to showing their affections through actions as much as possible. The Examiner is extremely faithful and loyal, and can be a very capable provider for their family as they find the most peace and security in their home setting.

Driven by that desire for peaceful living and security, the Examiner has the capacity to achieve great things. They are capable, logical, and reasonable individuals who can be very effective in many walks of life.

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