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ISFP — The Artist

About The Artist (ISFP)

You are, the Artist.

Armed with an appreciation and respect for aesthetic beauty, the Artist embodies their name more than any other personality type. They possess a nature in tune with their senses, perceiving details that others often fail to grasp.

Because of their heightened ability to perceive and reproduce artistic works, the Artist is most commonly found in a career relevant to their skillset. They are most likely to choose careers that allow them the freedom to work without boundaries and to grow along the lines of their value-heavy personal goals.

Fully embracing their introvert roots, the Artist can be extremely reserved and closed off to those around them. Those that do have the opportunity to get to know the Artist will find a gentle and kind person that can be extremely loyal if they are accepted fully.

The Artist, like many introverts, requires personal space to evaluate their life and where they want to go. In addition to this, the Artist tends to take life very seriously. Both of these traits can make intimate personal relationships difficult. That being said, if the Artist can find a partner that shows an appreciation of aesthetic and conceptual beauty that is equal to theirs, a brilliant relationship can evolve.

Because of their tendency to constantly look at life under a serious microscope, the life of an Artist can be difficult. The Artist that can embrace their gifts, while leaving time to appreciate what life has to offer, can lead a happy and very prosperous life.

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