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ISFJ — The Nurturer

About The Nurturer (ISFJ)

You are, the Nurturer

A one-of-a-kind personality, the Nurturer stands firm in the belief that most people are naturally kind and good. They live in a world of peace and harmony, tending to be sensitive to others feelings and easily bringing out the best in those around them simply by acknowledging that it exists.

The Nurturer tends to be extremely dependable due to their strong sense of responsibility and duty. That being said, they fit well in professions that deal in practical objectives, not so much in fields that deal with theoretical ideas. Because the Nurturer has such a strong sense of duty, they can sometimes find it hard to say no, and often times, find themselves overworked. The Nurturer that learns to express their limitations often finds their work load much more manageable.

The Nurturer has an extremely well developed, and deep, inner world. They process their feelings and the feelings of those around them with great clarity and can divine the motive of certain events or actions with little more than personal observation. The Nurturer tends to be reticent to share their feelings and even less likely to let on that they know the feelings of those around them. That being said, if they see that someone may be having a difficult time emotionally, the Nurturer will show care and compassion, often providing insights that truly help others come to terms with their emotions.

A strong sense of loyalty and responsibility coupled with a heart and mind capable of great compassion make the Nurturer a wonderful companion. They believe firmly that good rests in all types, so there is no perfect match for the Nurturer, other than the partner that is able to support the sometimes fragile ego of a personality so unbiased.

The Nurturer is undeniably one of the most pure and beautiful personalities that exists. They selflessly give of themselves to help others and constantly maintain that good is inherent in all people…truly unique features by any standards.

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