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INTP — The Engineer

About The Engineer (INTP)

You are, the Engineer.

When the question is asked, "Who invented this?" the answer tends to be an Engineer. The live their lives almost completely inside their heads, devising impossible theoretical models and solutions that are beyond what the average person can understand.

The Engineer lives in a theoretical world full of possibilities and constant improvements. On a professional level, their philosophy tends to be rather simple, "leave me alone and I will come up with something brilliant." Outside of that, Engineers tend not to like to be in leadership roles, instead they remain flexible up until the point where one of their values is challenged, creating a situation in which they take a very firm stance.

The Engineer can be a brilliant individual, but the introverted power they have an abundance of can sometimes leave little room for social skills. Due to their innate ability to think on a higher level, they can sometimes form an opinion of themselves that mirrors this ability. This feeling, coupled with a lack of understanding of emotional responses and decisions in others, doesn't make the Engineer the most sociable of personalities. That being said, if an Engineer can develop certain "opposite" sides of their personality, socialization may become an easier and more appropriate task for them.

Intimate relationships tend to run the same course as ordinary relationships for the Engineer. If they become focused solely on intellectual pursuits, little time will be left for personal relationships. But, if the Engineer dedicates themselves to making an effort, their brilliant mind may be able to sort it out.

Needless to say, by all social standards, the Engineer will be viewed as an outsider. But to those capable of grasping what the Engineer is capable of, a truly beautiful personality that has the power to change the world can be seen.

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