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INTJ — The Strategist

About The Strategist (INTJ)

The Strategist personality is dominated by an introverted intuition, leading them to focus on observing the world around them and processing that information by generating ideas and possibilities to better the function of said world.

Mentioning the world as an observable environment for the Strategist is no exaggeration, they are the ultimate Big Picture personality. They place a high value on organization and complex systems, all the while possessing an innate insightfulness that makes them the perfect scientists. The Strategist uses their unique view of the world to take complex scientific models, systemic behavioral models, or academic formulas and make them readily accessible forms for others to understand and follow.

The Strategist tends to spend a majority of their time in their own head, and has little interest in the thoughts and feelings of others. Because the Strategist takes the observable world and places it into rational and understandable systems, all while intuiting the motivations behind the people involved, quick judgments can become a problem. Most view the Strategist as cold and aloof without the quick judgments, so the Strategist that learns to temper their initial judgment with subtle tact will greatly improve their social presentation.

The Strategist can find intimate relationships difficult at best. Due to a lack of compassion for their fellow humans, long term connections require a certain type of partner that the Strategist deems worthy enough to let into their world. While this can limit the possibility of a long-term relationship, when they do find a companion, the Strategist is capable of incredible dedication and understanding.

The Strategist has the capability and will to accomplish great things if they fully accept who they are. If they learn to articulately communicate their insights and systems, there is no boundary that cannot be broken through.

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