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INFP — The Dreamer

About The Dreamer (INFP)

You are, the Dreamer.

Usually laid-back and quite flexible, the dreamer remains this way until one of their deepest beliefs is challenged. Once presented with this challenge, the dreamer will fight passionately to prove the validity of their belief, embodying the true, "fighter for the cause" mentality.

This mentality is applied to most projects that the dreamer adopts as their own. On an average day, the dreamer may not seem to be concerned with the minutiae of daily life, but when entrenched in a project of their choosing, the dreamer will leave no stone unturned. This singular focus mentality causes their work to shine in the area of their choosing, though the dreamer will rarely give themselves enough credit for it.

Naturally intuitive, the dreamer has an uncanny ability to mediate conflict, easily understanding the feelings behind each argument. The dreamer, in turn, shies away from conflict of their own. If drawn into the conflict, the dreamer uses how it makes them feel to avoid escalating what they may feel is outside their control.

This intense sense of feeling transfers to all the dreamers' personal relationships. They tend to be thoughtful, generous, and extremely adept listeners. Although expressing emotion may become difficult to those who haven't fully developed, their great understanding of emotion is enough to put all around them immediately at ease.

The Dreamer who fully embraces their nature has the ability to greatly impact the world, as so many others like them have in the past.

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