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ESTP — The Adventurer

About The Adventurer (ESTP)

You are, the Adventurer.

The ultimate in adaptable personalities, the Adventurer is well suited for all situations. With an uncanny ability to quickly analyze problems and improvise innovative solutions, the Adventurer prefers to be on the move, continuously accomplishing objectives and constantly progressing.

The Adventurer thrives in environments that involve quick thinking and require even quicker results. That being said, the adventurer is the consummate salesperson. Harboring a constant state of excitement and a great talent for motivation, selling comes naturally to the Adventurer. Whether the situation calls for selling a product, idea, or themselves, the Adventurer is equipped to excel in any situation.

Armed with an unreal ability to accurately read into people's motivations and machinations, the Adventurer does extremely well in social situations. While they may excel due to their natural confidence and fun-loving nature, the Adventurer can, sometimes, come across as arrogant or uncaring, though this is not a conscious decision on their part. Due to a thought process that is based on quick logic and reasoning, the Adventurer can sometimes forget that human feelings may be involved in the situation, leading to possible complications.

The Adventurer embodies a spirit that is barely contained on an average day, making them ill-suited for what some would consider a traditional intimate relationship. This isn't to say they are not capable of long-term commitments, it just isn't the norm.

The Adventurer is a personality unlike any other. Brave and bold, with a willingness to work hard for what they want, the Adventurer can achieve great things if they learn to recognize and embrace their true self.

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