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ESTJ — The Guardian

About The Guardian (ESTJ)

You are, the Guardian.

The Guardian is all about traditional values and working hard to protect their beliefs and standards. They expect that those around them should value the same traditional systems and have no patience for those they see as outside their value system.

The Guardian embodies the "take-charge" attitude. Naturally confident and aggressive, the Guardian has a clear vision of what they want to happen and the will to make it come to fruition. That being said, their value system, work ethic, and great sense of order make them ideal candidates for executive or management positions.

The Guardian tends to be the model community member. They value family, enjoy interacting with their neighbors, and can be the life of a party when surrounded by people they know. They also will fight tooth and nail to preserve the security of those things they value most.

The Guardian is all about family, but must be willing to compromise their rigid belief system so as to not always come across as harsh or cold to those close to them. As previously stated, the Guardian lives up to their name when it comes to securing those things they care about the most, embodying the true "guard dog" mentality.

The Guardian is great work ethic incarnate, and will fight to protect what they love, as well as the traditions and values they live by.

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