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ESFJ — The Supporter

About The Supporter (ESFJ)

You are, the Supporter.

The Supporter takes to heart their extrovert roots more than any other extroverted personality. They find personal values, morals, emotional stability, and worth from their interactions with other people.

If surrounded by a wholesome group of people at a young age, the Supporter can develop into a truly caring and warm individual who can bring light to anyone they meet. If the opposite occurs, the Supporter can develop a skewed value system in which they find justification for every action, good or bad, by manipulating those around them to believe what they want them to.

The Supporter is both warm and energetic, traits that tend to infect those around them, making them the perfect fit for the medical community. They will work tirelessly to gain the trust and respect of those they deal with, but really only care that those around them, reciprocate their feelings.

The Supporter can have a hard time understanding indifference or a lack of kindness. They like to believe that everyone has the capability of true goodness and their great sense of care can sometimes cloud the reality of the person right in front of them. That being said, the Supporter can have difficulty finding a long-term partner, as they may have to wade through those that would take advantage of their kindness. But, when the Supporter does find a kindred spirit, there is no limit to the joy that can come from the relationship.

The Supporter truly is a person of the people. They venture out into the world selflessly, doting upon those they meet, attempting, with every fiber in their body, to project the happiness they feel inside upon all they come in contact with.

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