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ENTP — The Visionary

About The Visionary (ENTP)

Driven by the need to understand their world at all times, the Visionary has the capability to excel at almost any undertaking. They continually absorb information from their environment, no matter what the source, and with a masterfully intuitive thought process, the Visionary quickly understands and adapts to all situations.

More often than not, the Visionary tends to think in "Big Picture" terms. That being said, generating ideas and possible solutions is their forte, while developing action plans and making decisions tends to lose their interest quickly. Following through on the ideas they create can sometimes be an issue as well. These characteristics make for the perfect, fast paced, in command profession, like law, where situations need to be analyzed quickly and a decision needs to happen immediately. Because of their continuous intake and analysis of information, the Visionary thrives in situations such as this.

Due to their heightened intuition, the Visionary excels in social situations, using charismatic and fluid conversational skills to stand out in any room. The Visionary is also a huge fan of verbal sparring. Their internal thought processes grant them the ability to jump back and forth between positions purely for the joy of competition.

The Visionary did not gain their name without reason; intimate relationships can take a back seat to the glorious chase of ideas if they are not careful. The Visionary has the capability of maintaining long-term relationships as long as their partner understands that running off after larger than life thoughts is a distinct possibility.

The Visionary can spend an entire lifetime seeking a higher understanding, chasing concepts, and deftly defeating challenges. The manner in which they do this really doesn't matter, as they will excel at most anything they do. Truly, the Visionary is a personality that embodies their name perfectly.

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