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ENFP — The Advocate

About The Advocate (ENFP)

You are, the Advocate.

The Advocate is a true embracer of life, seeing each and every day as a new opportunity to succeed in a world full of possibilities. Warm, caring, and potentially very bright, the Advocate exudes an enthusiasm that can be infectious, frequently leading them to motivational or leadership positions in social situations.

The Advocate is typically adept at most things, possessing the uncanny ability to pick up and be good at almost all activities. This type of life variety runs in line with the professional career of the Advocate. Driven by a heightened sense of personal value, the Advocate requires that every professional endeavor be in line with said personal values. This personal requirement can make the Advocate seem listless, but that is certainly not the case, they simply embody the idea of "knowing what they want."

Much like their extrovert brothers and sisters, the Advocate excels in social situations, reading and understanding people they have just met after only a short period of time. The Advocate differs greatly from other extroverts in that they do, frequently, require solitude to ensure that they are centered and on a life path that they deem worthy.

As a person driven by and incredible sense of value and a love for future possibilities, the Advocate can struggle during long-term relationships. Seeing always what could be, instead of what is, can cause the Advocate distress, but their incredible value system will motivate them to work harder on the relationship. The Advocate would do well to find a partner that is aware of these personality traits.

In the end, the Advocate who can maintain a centered mind that is in line with their core values has the opportunity to achieve a peace that is rarely found in other extroverted personality types.

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