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ENFJ — The Mentor

About The Mentor (ENFJ)

You are, the Mentor.

The Mentor is the very definition of "a people person." By using their excellent intuition to naturally understand what makes nearly every person they meet tick, the Mentor focuses solely on understanding, supporting, and encouraging others.

The Mentors uncanny natural ability to know and understand people makes them the ultimate employee for the education system. Whether in a counseling position, a teacher, or an administrator, the Mentor knows how to bring out the best in everyone they are associated with, as well as loving to be the center of all that attention.

When it comes to social skills, simply put, the Mentor is the best there is, hands down. They thrive in interaction with others, and excel at bringing out the very best in those around them. They seek to provide for others emotionally, lifting those around them up so that they may feel elevated as well.

None of these abilities is lost in the Mentors intimate relationships either. They have a great desire for the closeness that these types of relationships provide and will guard that intimacy with all the same passion they show in life.

The Mentor truly is a cornerstone of human civilization, a personality so naturally selfless that their achievement of excellence is tied directly to championing those around them.

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