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The 5 Secrets to Thriving as a Working Mom

By IslaWright More Blogs by This Author

Yet, there are so many moms out there making that happen, one can only wonder how they do it all. So, if youd like to know the secret to balancing your personal and professional life while being a mom, here are a few tips you should follow.

Stop feeling guilty

First things first, you need to realize that theres no point in feeling guilty. Theres nothing to gain from that emotion, and theres a lot to lose. The best you can do for your family is be your best self, and you cant do that if you keep dwelling on things you wish you could do differently. The thing is, being a successful working mom does come with certain sacrifices. However, if you keep worrying about them and making your decisions based on guilt, youll never be able to truly appreciate the benefits of your lifestyle.

Use your time wisely

In order to have time for all your needs and wants, you should use every minute wisely. For example, you could wake up 30 min earlier, enjoy your coffee in peace, and prepare for the day. Sure, that can be surprisingly hard sometimes, but that little extra time can really help you gain the energy that youd need for the day. Moreover, another way to save some time during the day is to do your shopping later at night. Most supermarkets work until midnight, so you can buy your groceries when your kids go to bed. Youd be surprised at how faster you can finish your shopping on your own.

Define your priorities

In order to actually use your time wisely, you also need to set your priorities straight. There are surely some things that you dont want to give up regardless of how busy you are. For example, maybe a walk in the park every afternoon helps you de-stress, or maybe you and your partner like eating out once a week. No matter what it is, in order to protect those priorities, plan them as much in advance as you can and dont accept any other obligations on those days unless absolutely necessary. After all, its the little things in life that make us happy, so protect your little things.

Get some help

To reach your full potential both as a mom and as a businesswoman, you might need some extra help. Of course, you probably already have a partner who should be doing their part of the parenting. If they arent, it might be the time to talk about it and maybe split your chores a bit more evenly. Also, your social network can help you too. For example, if you happen to be from Hong Kong, and you enroll your child in the best playgroup in Hong Kong, you can easily meet other parents. Then, you can give each other tips, organize playgroups together, carpool, etc. After all, it takes a village to raise a child, and your childs playgroup can be a good way to find your village.

Accept imperfection

Last but not least, dont be afraid of imperfection. Life isnt perfect its messy, sometimes confusing, and very often chaotic. The sooner you accept it as such, the sooner youll be able to define your own perfection. So, stop stressing over things that could be better, and start appreciating things that are simply good enough. Its the only way to actually find balance without sacrificing your mental health.

Being a working mom can be very challenging, but if you organize your time well, set your priorities, and let go of perfection, its far from impossible. So, consider the listed tips, apply them to your lifestyle, and youll be thriving in no time.

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