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How to Rock Non-Maternity Clothes While Expecting

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Some women simply cant wait to swap their regular clothes with maternity clothes the moment they find out they are pregnant, and thats ok. But, since we live in an era where everything is possible and you dont have to play by the rules anymore, its time you realize you can wear non-maternity clothes for as long as you want, and still look as hot as you did before the baby bump has emerged. Trust us, you dont need a stylist to achieve your perfect mom-to-be look, you just need to follow the right Instagram profiles and become a major copycat, cause why not? Heres how you can achieve some super cool looks.

Wide leg pants are your lifesavers

For the first three months, you may not even notice that youre in a whole new state, but the fact that you know it and feel it is enough. Since the stomach starts growing from the second trimester when your baby bump becomes more real, you might not fit in your old pants or skinny jeans. However, theres always a solution and you should keep in mind there are other pregnant women dealing with the same problems. Flowy wide leg pants are always a step in the right direction, whether you're pregnant or not. You can adjust them so they can be worn on the hips or high waisted. It's up to you how you style your pregnancy game. With these lightweight summer pants, you can wear long sleeved tops or off-shoulder tops. Some cute ruffled bodysuit would be great, too. Also, crop tops are still an option if you feel comfortable wearing them. Alternatively, you can simply go for a linen shirt in any color or design you wish for, and you're done. These awesome pants can be paired with high-heels, wedges or flats. You have plenty of choices to make, you just don't know it yet.

Feminine wrap sundresses

You can still be feminine and attractive while pregnant. If you're still not sure how, here's the answer. Mini wrap sundresses with ruffled neckline and long sleeves are not only super comfy but they are sexy as well. Such cute and sexy dresses can be found in your local shopping mall, or you can simply order a perfect piece from your favorite online fashion store if you prefer it to shopping in person.Be prepared to turn some heads on the streets, because we all know how men appreciate these summer staples.

Bodycon dresses

The stretchier, the better! Short or ankle length bodycon dresses are perfect for the ladies who aren't embarrassed to show and accentuate their growing belly, plus they follow your whole figure so you can finally flaunt your round booty before you lose some pregnancy weight. When it comes to material, always choose cotton, because your skin needs to breathe. You can't get as basic as that, and what's more, you can easily pack them when you're going on a vacay, so make sure you buy a few pieces, just in case. To level up your outfit, put on a leather jacket or a short denim jacket, and hello fashion queen.

Blazers do wonders

Put on your favorite blazer over a linen blouse or a shirt as you would normally wear it and just take a look on your cute belly. You don't have to button it, so let it serve you as a coat or a cover up.

Third trimester warm suggestions

Replace your heavy shoes with flats or comfy Birkenstocks, which you will be able to easily jump into without anyone's help. Also, sneakers without laces are like a dream come true for pregnancy. Sneaks are great for every occasion and you can pair them with many outfit combinations.

Stayin' alive and classy

For more elegant occasions and special events, you also have an option to dress at regular departments, and not exclusively for pregnant women. You can go for a comfortable dress (cotton made or woolen) and emphasize the stomach with a belt wrapped over, or a wider sleeveless dress that can also be tied over your belly.

You see? Just because you're a preggo doesn't mean you should ditch your own clothing until you lose your post-partum belly. A woman can wear anything she wants and likes, regardless of what others might think. Enjoy your pregnancy fashion and own your style, because you deserve it.

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