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How to keep your family safe this summer

By Colleen Hammer More Blogs by This Author

It's summer, and school is officially out for children. To avoid complications this summer, I have compiled some tips to make your summer safe and enjoyable for your family. 

Making the Most of Your Child's Safety

Rollerblading, bicycling, and razor scooters are a few ways for children to enjoy their time outside. However with these activities comes the threat of injury. Here are some steps to follow for your child:

  • Always make sure your child has a helmet that fits their head properly. If it is too loose, then find one that is comfortable and keeps your childs head protected in the front and back. Make sure straps are fastened snugly, and that your child is aware of how to put it on themselves.
  • Wear protective pads and arm guards. Make sure they fit properly and cover elbows, knees, and wrists. 
  • Alert children of traffic laws & dangers. Teach children to stay out of roads when traffic is present, and to look both ways before crossing the road to avoid collision. Remind your children that sidewalks are the safest way to avoid traffic entirely, and to yield for other pedestrians on the sidewalk.

How to Treat an Injury

  • If an injury should occur... remember to stay calm. Most injuries can be treated at home, but take note of your child's behavior. If bleeding that persists more than fifteen to twenty minutes take your child to the pediatrician or doctor.
  • For lesser injuries, use an antiseptic and clean the area around the wound. Put antibiotic on the cut or scrape, and place a bandage on the wound. 
  • For broken bones or fractures. Take your child to the doctor. Ask your child what they felt, whether it was a snap or noise they heard during the time of injury. Remove the clothing from the area of injury, but do not try to force the limb out of clothing. Use scissors to cut through the clothing if needed to free the area without causing your child further pain.
  • Do not move the area of injury. Keep the limb in the position it was in at the time of damage. Use padded support. 
  • Wearing a cast. Monitor your child's cast and make sure it is not too tight or too loose. If your child's fingers or toes turn pale, call a doctor immediately. Take note of any swelling or deformity. 

Safety in the Water 

While at the pool or beach, monitor your child's behavior and activities. Pools often have a lifeguard that watches over the premises, so be sure to be acquainted with them. Let your child know that the lifeguard is there to help them, and to respect pool rules. Keep children protected with floating devices, and monitor them at all times.

Here are some safety tips to follow at the pool so your family can make the most out of your experience:

  • No diving in shallow surfaces. Teaching your child when diving is permitted can save them from injury. 
  • Use sunscreen. Wear protective SPF at all times. Water can reflect the sun's rays.
  • No running outside the pool. Running on slippery surfaces from pool water can be dangerous. Alert your child to walk near the pool and not run. 

Games and recreation

Here are some activities for your family to enjoy this summer, if you are not able to attend a beach or vacation out of state.

  • Plan a family movie night. Pick a movie that your family wants to watch, and plan a night together. Make foods, or pick a theme. Order food out, or make something that represents the movie. 
  • Host a family game night. Pick a game that you enjoy, and have snacks to accompany. Give rewards for winning, and playing. Choose a game that can create a learning experience for your family.
  • Go to a golf course or arcade. Pick a location nearest you, and allow your children to enjoy the environment. Make it a time to remember. Arcades can provide hours of enjoyment, and also provide rewards for accomplishing something. Let your children experience fun away from the TV, and actively work towards a goal to win a prize.
  • Limit video games. Allow your children to play for 30 minutes, and then take a break. Doing this now will allow your children to pull away from a game to come back later. Buy them video games that they enjoy, and keep parental controls on the gaming console.

Doing something together as a family can make summer not so distant, and also allow your children to not be by themselves in their room. If you follow these steps, your summer will be off to a great start. Follow my blog for more information onto a better you, and family and relationship tips. 

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