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Gastric Bypass Surgery and Pregancy are babies malnourished? — an article on the Smart Living Network
August 18, 2011 at 1:47 PMComments: 2 Faves: 0

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Pregancy are babies malnourished?


Being a person who has had Gastric bypass and has had two children before as well as two children after gastric bypass, I had like every person who has had the surgery concerns about: Can I have kids? Will they have problems? I had the same concerns mentioned in the articles about low birth weight and will they have developmental problems? So I made it a point to see five different fetal maternal specialist and It was explained to me by all five of them at separate times that the fetus is like a parasite and it will feed off of the mother and it will get what it needs regardless if you want it to or not. It is the mother who will have the deficiency and suffer not the fetus.

Some of the things that can happen are your hair may fall out more than normal, or you could have dental problems or even skin issues. But this can happen with any pregnancy! The key is to make anything you eat worth while vitamin and mineral wise. Don't deprive yourself of junk food but limit it so you are still getting your nutrients. We (meaning gastric bypass patients who are pregnant) are at risk for gestational Diabetes as well, and you would not think that would be possible with our diet. But it is. I made it a point to see the fetal maternal specialist at least once a month for my own piece of mind and had ultrasounds regularly as well. Time and time again the specialist was proven correct. I had my babies within 1 week of the due date and had good sizes. One was just 1 ounce off from being 8lbs and the other was 1/2 ounce from being 7lbs. They were healthy babies that measured good per the ultrasound time and time again. No complications whats so ever! So just because you had the surgery don't mean your always going to have problems through your pregnancy or after. Share your story! 


  • Thanks for sharing this, Vicky! This is great information for others that have undergone gastric bypass.

  • Very interesting - thanks for the knowledge!

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