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Fitness DVDs for Kids

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Do your kids have a seemingly unlimited supply of energy? As parents, it is natural to wonder where they get all of that energy from, or more importantly, what they should be doing with it. More children and their parents are looking into the benefits of exercise for all ages. One of the most popular and convenient ways to help your kids stay fit is to let them watch and follow a fitness DVD designed especially for their age group.

Why Should Kids Exercise?

Since children normally have a faster calorie burning process and can require less sleep than adults, many parents have asked about the necessity for exercise in addition to their everyday activities. The truth is that with the advancements in technology and availability of unhealthy food, a number of things have changed over the years. Recently, children have become interested in the Internet and video games, which require nothing more than sitting. Sitting for long periods of time is not good for muscles and joints. It can also lead to early weight gain. Therefore, even more emphasis is placed on ensuring that children are receiving healthy amounts of activity on a routine basis.

How Fitness DVDs Can Help

Unlike some adults, kids generally want to move around. They like to run, jump, and skip. So, it is much easier to introduce them to a fitness DVD that features the movements they already enjoy. From dancing to aerobics, kids of just about all ages can have fun while staying fit.� Many of the DVDs are presented by well known characters from children�s television programming, including Elmo of Sesame Street and the Care Bears. This makes them both entertaining and effective in encouraging children to become involved in fitness. Some available fitness DVDs are even designed to benefit toddlers. These may be labeled �recommended for all ages�, or specify certain age ranges. Either way, it is important to check with your pediatrician before starting any workout program with your young child. Try to select a DVD that you think will keep your child�s attention and inspire them to complete the routine. Typically, a video will last for about 30 minutes, which is the average length of an aerobic workout. These DVDs are relatively inexpensive, and purchasing more than one might be a good way to maintain your child�s interest and enthusiasm. Also, having friends or siblings exercise along with them is a great idea. For extra fun, try doing the exercise routines on the DVD with your children. Physical activity is just as essential for adults as it is for kids. By participating in the workout, you will be spending quality time with them as well. And, you just might enjoy remembering what it was like to have all of that energy! Sources:

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