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Whether you're just starting your journey as a parent or are an old hand at raising a family, join this group to contribute, discuss, and share your experiences.

Love and Logic Parenting: 7 Tips for a Better Parent/Child Relationship

Every child even the best-behaved kids will make mistakes and act up sometimes. The way we handle the situation can be the difference between a… Read More ▶

Jackie Fortin Refuses Cancer Treatment for Her Daughter: Should Parents Have that Right?

Where do we draw the lines as a society as to how much autonomy we have over our children? What autonomy do children have in… Read More ▶

[Culturology] Parenting by Proxy: An Unapologetically Insensitive Look at the Children Running the Show

We're no longer interested in preparing our children for the world; that would be too hard. We'd rather just give it to them and get… Read More ▶

[Culturology] Dodging the Curriculum: Schools Ban Dodgeball On the Grounds That it "Promotes Bullying"

Adolescence can be a pretty rough time for kids but the recent decision in a New Hampshire school district to remove dodgeball from the phys.… Read More ▶

Recess: 4 Reasons It's Actually Really Important

Thought recess was just nap time for tired teachers? Think again! Here are 4 reason recess is REALLY important for our kids. Read More ▶

Spanking: Good or Bad?

As a young parent I received a lot of the spare the rod philosophy when I asked for advice. As I 've read more and… Read More ▶

Should Parents Let Kids Win?

Should we let our kids win? Are we helping with self confidence or creating a false existence? Read More ▶

[Culturology] Children and the Parents Who Resent Them

As members of my generation delve into the realm of adulthood, they're growing less comfortable with their lack of foresight involving family planning. Read More ▶

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