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November 25, 2013 at 3:25 PMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Top 3 Reasons To Quit Soda Now

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

1. It makes your bones weak.

It’s not so much the ingredients in soda that ravenously devour skeletal systems like a ferocious marrow-vore, but the lack of everything else that weakens bones. True, studies have shown that the fizziness in pop can lead to a minute difference in calcium absorption, but enough to be the reason for a broken bone? Doubtful.

The reason soda fueled junkies have such pathetically weak skeletons is steeped heavily in their milk-averted lifestyle; or vitamin fortified orange juice-averted lifestyle; OR TAKE A FREAKING MULTI-VITAMIN! The reason you broke a bone was not because you drank soda, but because you drank soda instead of something with calcium in it. Or it may have something to do with getting hit by a car… but I digress.

Scare them young.

2. It makes you fat.

There is no way around this one; the calories that are found in soda have no value whatsoever. Soda is basically constructed from water, sugar, dye, and some acid. Great, right? It’s pretty obvious that if we want to be not-fat people, we should consume foods that have “dietary meaning” and maybe move around once and a while. Soda runs in direct contrast to that notion. A serving of soda is just 140 calories that are trying to ruin you, nothing more. Consider: Drinking 1 can of soda every day equates to about 51,000 excess calories annually.

And you will be cursed with only being able to wear sweatpants.

Diet soda isn’t out of the woods either. The commonly held belief around the Internet is that diet soda causes weight gain even more so than regular soda. As it turns out, it’s not the diet sodas fault, it’s you. According to this rather well-cited article, there is no magic chemical in diet soda that is making you gain weight. Diet soda MAY, however, make you more susceptible to wanting to eat more food, like justifying eating a Big Mac because you have a diet soda. It’s also pointed out that it may make you crave “stealth sugars,” like sugar in pasta sauce, more than if you didn’t drink diet soda. Obviously, the more sugar we crave, the more sugar we will probably eat, and the fatter we will become.

3. It’s like pouring acid on your teeth… Oh wait…

Our teeth and gums are pretty important. I personally love having teeth to chew things and having my gums to hold those teeth in place. Knowing that, drinking soda is literally pouring acid on your teeth, and it’s pretty clear that enamel erosion is a bad thing. For that reason alone, it’s advantageous to decrease our pop intake, if not kicking the habit altogether.

Admittedly, I do enjoy a soda on a semi-regular basis, but I also make sure to combat the effects with an enamel building mouthwash and toothpaste. Without good oral hygiene, an over-consumptive soda drinker will soon become a toothless hobo. End of story, bro. Unfortunately for our diet soda friends, the acid level in diet soda is usually lower on the ph scale, thus more acidic.

Her next victim: your teeth.

All things in moderation… Unless you’re a sensible and logical human being, then you won’t drink soda at all. If you want to become a fat, toothless hobo that has diabetes and can’t take a step without breaking a bone, by all means, keep chugging away.

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