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October 8, 2019 at 8:00 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Nutritious and Delicious? Your Child Can Have Both!

By Shiraz Kahn More Blogs by This Author

Packing your childs lunch can feel as if it is a daily chore. Part of the reason is because kids can be picky about what they eat and you likely dont have the time to accommodate that pickiness. Lets face it; both parents and kids are busier now than ever before but there are fortunately ways that you can pack your childs lunchbox without worrying about its tastiness or nutritional value. Kids want something that tastes yummy and is fun to eat and you want something that is good for them. Now it is entirely possible to have both.


The Right Product Makes a Difference


If you think about the foods that kids love, the one that is bound to come up time and time again is cheese. Cheese is filled with Vitamin D and a lot of other vitamins but, most importantly, kids love it. If you buy it in string cheese form, they love it even more so it makes a great item to include in both lunches and snacks. After all, finding the right snacks that wont bore them is a constant challenge but string cheese makes snack time a lot of fun regardless of how many times you serve it.


String cheese is also very convenient because it generally comes ready to eat and in separate packaging, meaning that you can put one or more of them in your childs lunchbox with no problem. Children cant have too many vitamins and minerals when theyre growing and products such as Strings & Things offer great taste and a convenient way to sneak in more nutritious foods without them even realising it. All they know is that the cheese is a fun and interesting snack while parents will be concentrating on its convenience and nutritional value.


A Great Product for Busy Parents


Parents are busy these days and string cheese offers a fast and convenient way to feed your kids during lunch time or snack time. String cheese is even fun to play with and at roughly 60 calories per piece, youll never have to worry about the snack making your child obese. As a parent, you naturally want the very best for your kids so why not consider a product that is good for your kids and is easy and fast to include in their meals and snacks?


Young teeth and bones need vitamins and calcium to become strong and this is what string cheese offers, all wrapped up in a delicious and fun snack! Simply buy a box or two, include a pack of string cheese with your kids meal or snack, and voila -- youve made both the child and yourself very happy. String cheese is easy to eat as well, providing your child with a fun way to enjoy both playtime and mealtime all at the same time. Kids will laugh and play along as they eat their meal or snack and you can feel good about the fact that the snack was easy to provide and wont be too sugary or unhealthy for them.


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