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High Standard Vitamin and Nutraceutical manufacturer

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VITA-gen Labs is one of the fastest-growing labs focused on manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical formulations in the state. We are well known for following the good manufacturing practices and are a priority of professionals. Vitamins and Nutraceuticals are highly in demand due to their benefits such as healing wounds, shoring up bones, bolstering the immune system. They also help in obesity and cardiovascular diseases. Our premiere Vitamin and Nutraceutical manufacturing services has helped grow many companies and produce quality supplements for their brand.

As a Vitamin andNutraceutical manufacturer, we are bind to provide excellent client service and aim to become a global leader in the manufacturing of nutrients.

Wholesale Vitamin Suppliers

Supplement Manufacturers

Contact us:


Nutraceutical Contract Manufacturers

Address:145 Route 109 West Babylon NY 11704

Contact No:855-616-5500


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