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December 6, 2013 at 10:23 AMComments: 0 Faves: 0

Eat This Not That: Fast Food Edition

By Dayton from SLN More Blogs by This Author

A friend of mine was eating at Wendy’s with me the other day and he ordered the BACONATOR. About half way thru the sandwich, accompanied with fries and a pop, he realized that consuming that $9 hunk of meat wasn’t nearly as delicious as it should be. Considering that it shortened his lifespan by probably 12 days and made him a more disgusting person, it should be a freaking delicious sandwich, right? But, that is the world we live in, is it not? Surrounded by consumerism and the ever-worrisome downhill diet trends, the average citizen can only sit and watch his life slowly drain from his fat face, hoping that a pill will mend whatever malady that he encounters.

Worry not, dear reader, there is not yet a mandate requiring you to neglect your body. Considering that we only get one body, we should treat it well. Although I know making good dietary choices is difficult, especially for people that are constantly going places and doing things, it is possible to be healthy. Even if your life is completely dominated by fast food (which it really shouldn’t be), making the right choices is the difference between a balanced life and a terrible life of hate and agony.

The following article cites 3 different restaurants that I tend to frequent and 2 items on each menu offered by them. The first is awful for your body, but probably very delicious; the second is also delicious, but exponentially (or at LEAST marginally) better for you.

The Triple Baconator: Goodness people. That is disgusting. 1330 calories!? Instead of ordering the only item in the restaurant that needs a special wrapping to fit it, maybe just get:

Apple Pecan Chicken Salad: If you take off the bleu cheese crumbles on that salad, which add nothing to the flavor anyway, the calorie and fat content will drop: a much better choice than the prior.

Wisconsin Mac and Cheese: Taking white pasta and them smothering it in cheese probably wasn’t the healthiest choice…maybe try:

Japanese Pan Noodles: The Japanese Pan Noodles are loaded with bean sprouts and broccoli, adding not only to the deliciousness of the dish, but quite a few more nutrients.

Italian Night Club: The Italian Night Club is like the best sandwich Jimmy John’s has to offer, and by best, I mean the most delicious. The nutrition facts tell us all that it is indeed horrible for us, eat this instead:

Turkey Tom: The idea is to be a bit more balanced, right? All the “good” options on that list have fewer calories, giving you more room in your stomach to fill up on wholesome vegetables, fruits, or maybe just...nothing? Who knows…

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