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Can Women's Bodies Make Vitamin C?

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Women cannot produce their own vitamin C. Monkeys, guinea pigs, fish, birds, and bats cannot produce their own vitamin C either. For these animals and mankind, they must meet their vitamin C needs in foods and supplements. For the animals that produce vitamin C, it is a hormone. Vitamin C can be produced in both the liver and kidneys.

About vitamin C

Vitamin C is the most popular and well known of all the vitamins. Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It's theorized that mankind used to be able to produce their own vitamin C. It's supposed man's body used to contain four particular enzymes, which converted sugars into vitamin C. This theory includes the reasoning that the fourth enzyme was gradually mutated, thus ceasing the production of vitamin C. It's believed today that only three enzymes are in man's body.

Why vitamin C is necessary for health

Vitamin C produces the red blood cells located in the body's bone marrow. Because vitamin C products antibodies, it's able to boost iron and calcium absorption. The connective tissues found in the bones, joint linings, capillary walls, skin, cartilage, ligaments, teeth, and vertebral discs benefit from the collagen that vitamin C builds up. Vitamin C combats diseases and infections that are caused by free radicals. Infections found in the urinary tract and wounds heal because of vitamin C. Healthy skin is maintained with vitamin C. Ascorbic acid metabolism is managed by vitamin C so it is able to prevent male infertility, glaucoma, cataracts, atherosclerosis, musculoskeletal degeneration, diabetes, and arteriosclerosis.

There's more!

Vitamin C is able to prevent diseases like heart, cancer, and periodontal. Allergic reactions are fought with vitamin C. Heart health is enjoyed because of vitamin C. Oxidative damage is warded off with vitamin C. Elevated bad cholesterol levels are reduced with vitamin C. Capillary and arterial repairs are done with vitamin C. Anemia, as the result of iron deficiency, is prevented with vitamin C. The body's cellular abilities are strengthened with vitamin C.

What happens when someone has a lack of vitamin C?

A vitamin C deficiency is noticeable with the following symptoms: bleeding gums, swollen gums, bruising, and wounds that just won't heal.

What's the recommended daily dosage of vitamin C for women?

Vitamin C doses are the same for men and women. The recommended daily dosages of vitamin C for men and women are 60mg. Different dosages for vitamin C are recommended for only two groups of people: smokers and nonsmokers. Smokers are recommended to consume 100mg of vitamin C on a daily basis.

What are some tasty sources of vitamin C?

There are some tasty choices that provide significant amounts of vitamin C. These foods include tangerines, potatoes, peppers, grapefruit, oranges, and broccoli. Women shouldn't feel disheartened and they shouldn't fret because they don't produce their own vitamin C. Women can get their recommended daily dosages of vitamin C and enjoy the many health benefits.


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