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Are you sick of your job? Perhaps youre looking for a little extra cash, but need something that provides you with flexible hours. Or maybe youve always dreamed of striking, creating your own business, being your own boss. No matter what your situation is,starting a home business selling health productscan provide you with a satisfying business opportunity to expand your financial horizon.

One of the advantages of selling health supplements like vitamins is thatyou dont really need a lot of capital to get started. In fact, many vitamin or nutritional supplement companies will allow you to buy products on credit, so with a relatively small investment you can start your own business. However, like anything, its buyer beware, and you should make sure to do your research andfind out what products are selling well before you buy.

For instance, if you live in an area where there are many elderly individuals, selling a multivitamin formulated for seniors is probably a better choice than protein powder targeted toward young bodybuilders. If you dont already have an idea about the population in your area, a Google search for your citys last government census should provide you with a basic breakdown of your population.

Once you have an idea about who your target population is, its time to track down some product to sell. This isnt as hard as it sounds. In fact,if you are reading this off of a computer screen, you already possess the tools you need. Simply type in search terms like selling vitamins, health supplements, dietary supplements and a host of other words relating to health supplements, and a whole cavalcade of vitamins, minerals, protein powders, shakes, and dietary supplement companies will be at your fingertips practically begging you to sell their products, and hopefully curing your financial ills period.

Many of these companies will allow you to sell their products online. Using this route has several advantages. First, you wont have to research your population because youll be marketing to almost anyone in the United States!

Another advantage is that many of these companies dont require you do keep an actual physical inventory at your residence. Instead, they keep the product at a warehouse somewhere, and you do the Internet legwork to promote and sell the product online. This is known as vitamin drop shipping and supplement fulfillment. Sure they take a percentage of your profits, but at least you dont have to fill your garage with vitamins. If you do decide to have a physical inventory at your household, think about getting into business with several partners so that you can buy in bulk at a cheaper rate.

No matter which method you decide to use,youll need to obtain a business license. Most areas consider online storefronts mail order businesses requiring standard business registrations. If you sell directly out of your house, additional licenses may be required. To register your business, contact your local City Clerk.

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