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March 15, 2012 at 12:11 PMComments: 2 Faves: 1

Study: 50% of People Don't Get Enough Vitamin D!

By Brad Ter Haar More Blogs by This AuthorFrom the A Longer Life Blog Series

Millions of people across the globe’s seven continents are needlessly suffering from a widespread epidemic – an alarming deficiency in vitamin D. This is according to the Vitamin D Council, which estimates approximately half of the world’s population is currently at risk for vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D is necessary for optimal health, and boosts your immune system, helping your body fight infections, including the flu, and other respiratory tract infections. 

The Study

Studies on vitamin D have revealed that people with Vitamin D deficiency are more likely to miss work or school due to respiratory infections, such as a case of the sniffles. Newborn children whose mothers were lacking in vitamin D during pregnancy, have an increased risk of developing acute lower respiratory infections.

By increasing and maintaining high levels of vitamin D, you can help prevent as many as 16 different types of cancer, including lung, breast, pancreatic, prostate, ovarian, and colon cancers.

Vitamin D deficiency is a contributing factor to the development of chronic diseases, including all of the following: heart disease, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia, inflammatory bowel disease, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, and seizures.

A lack of vitamin D has also been linked to increasing your risk of obesity, migraines, cavities, insomnia, asthma, muscle pain, and hearing loss.

Where to Find Vitamin D

Clearly, making sure your body receives proper levels of vitamin D is vital to healthy body function. These foods are rich in vitamin D, and should be included in your quest to live a long, healthy life:

  • Milk: One cup of milk provides 25% of the daily recommended daily value of vitamin D. Go for skim milk, and drink it with meals, or have it with the next item on the list . . .
  • Cereal: Grab some fortified cereal in the morning, like shredded wheat (stay away from most cereals in the grocery store, which are often loaded with sugar and corn syrup). One cup of fortified cereal contains about 10% of the recommended DV of vitamin D.
  • Swiss Cheese: You can quickly increase your vitamin D intake with this sandwich-friendly cheese, as each slice contains 4% DV.
  • Shrimp: A 3-ounce serving of this delicious crustacean, whether shrimp gumbo or shrimp cocktail, contains nearly one-third DV of vitamin D.
  • Oysters: If you are a seafood lover like myself, then have some oysters and know that you are providing your body with 68% DV of vitamin D (per 3-ounce serving).
  • Orange Juice: Although touted for its vitamin C, a glass of fortified orange juice (make sure you’re drinking OJ that doesn’t have sugar added to it) has a quarter DV of vitamin D, just like milk.
  • Cod Liver Oil: This is definitely not the tastiest option, but by swallowing just a tablespoon of this natural supplement, you are provided with 340% of your DV of vitamin D, making cod liver oil  the best known source of vitamin D.

Share your thoughts!

Do you think you are part of the 50% of the population that doesn’t get enough vitamin D, or are you part of the other half that does?

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  • thanks Brad for the information - My doctor set me straight - asking me to take a supplement daily but I've also heard just 10-15 minutes of sun (pure outdoor sunlight) can also help with Vitamin D deficiency.

  • That's a great point Nancy :)
    The challenge is being exposed to enough sunlight to improve your vitamin D levels, but not getting too much where you put yourself at risk for skin cancer. Balance and moderation I guess..

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