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Home Remedies for Candida Yeast Infections — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Home Remedies for Candida Yeast Infections


The problem with some treatments

Yeast infections can be troublesome, irksome irritations with a confusing array of medications. Choices range from one to seven day remedies and can be costly and ineffective. Compounding the problem is the side effects. The ingredients can cause fatigue or hyperactivity, depending on the concentration and individual reaction. Thankfully, there are some safe and effective home remedies available.

Causes of yeast infections

Yeast infections are caused most commonly by Candida albicans, a type of yeast. There are many kinds of bacteria living in the intestinal tract, and in the vagina. When the delicate environmental balance is disrupted, or yeast cells are growing out of proportion, an infection can occur. This can be triggered by the following:
  • Antibiotics. An unfortunate side effect of taking antibiotics to wipe out an illness is a yeast infection. The antibiotics are prescribed to kill bad bacteria, but in the process upset the PH balance of the vagina by going after the good bacteria as well.
  • Changes in hormones. Women who are expecting can suffer from yeast infections due to the increased amount of estrogen they are producing. Women who are undergoing hormone replacement therapy may also suffer from the infection.
  • Illness. A compromised immune system can trigger a yeast infection because the body is busy defending itself from other harmful bacteria or viruses. A weak immune system can also mean that the yeast infection will take longer to go away. HIV is an extreme example of a compromised immune system.
  • Alcohol. A night of heavy drinking is sometimes enough to do the trick. It not only dehydrates bodily tissues, but can upset the pH balance of the vagina. Alcohol can also induce bladder infections.
  • Sex without treatment. Sometimes a woman will develop a yeast infection and pass it to her partner. Without treatment, the infection will continue to be passed back and forth.

Home Remedies

Once infected with yeast, it can be difficult to get rid of it. Following are some easy, practical tips to keep away and treat yeast:
  • There are some good kinds of bacteria you want to keep in your intestinal tract, namely Lactobacillus acidophilus. An easy source of obtaining these bacteria is yogurt. The bacteria in yogurt will help control the balance of organisms in the vagina. Plain yogurt can also be inserted into the vagina to sooth irritation, and act quickly.
  • Eat more garlic. Raw garlic boosts the immune system and is a natural anti-fungal herb. If you dont like the taste of raw garlic, you can take it in supplement form.
  • Add aloe vera to your diet. Over time, when taken orally aloe vera can boost the immune system. It also acts as an anti-viral, anti-fungal agent. Supplements are the easiest form to take, and can be administered before a meal.

More Home Remedies

In addition, here is a list of yet more remedies that are commonly used as home remedies for the treatment of Candida yeast infections.
  • Supplements containing polybranched polyglucans are thought to promote the well being of the immune system
  • Anogeissus Latifolia in supplement form can help fight fungal infections.
  • Tea tree oil in a highly diluted solution can be used a douche. Mix about a pint of water with a teaspoon of oil and a teaspoon of rubbing alcohol. Tea tree oil has naturally anti-fungal properties; its also used in toothpastes, shampoo, and even acne cleansers.

Beyond Yeast Infections

If youre not sure if you have a yeast infection, or your symptoms are severe, check with your doctor. Sources:

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