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Avoid Scented Detergents and Fabric Softeners To Keep Yourself Yeast Infection Free — an article on the Smart Living Network
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Avoid Scented Detergents and Fabric Softeners To Keep Yourself Yeast Infection Free


Avoiding scented detergents and fabric softeners to keep you yeast infection free, has much to do with the perfumes used within the detergents and fabric softeners.These perfumes can cause itching and rash with burning upon urination.

Many women are sensitive to any unnecessary additives to the cleaning and softening of their cloths. The vaginal or genital area is a very sensitive area in many child, teens, woman and even men making it a more prone place for a yeast infection to become present.

As self conscientious women, we are highly in tune with any offending oder from the vaginal area.When we feel uncomfortable we tend to think that we are producing an odor offensive to others.We like to have our clothes smell nice and fresh, when we can smell the freshness we tend to be more confident.

Women tend to forget that the vaginal area is prone to yeast infections just by using scented detergents and fabric softeners we increase our risk of yeast infections. Women need to be aware that these perfumes and dyes can irritate the sensitive tissue of the vagina.When unnecessary fragrances are used women are at a great risk for irritation to the vaginal area the chances of a yeast infection are significantly increased.

Signs of infection caused by scented detergents and fabric softeners

When a woman notices redness, itching, swelling or burning, many times a foul smell will accompany a milky vaginal discharge.When this has accrued you can be relatively sure that a yeast infection is present.

We need to remember that yeast infections effect not only women, but children and men as well.Making it clear that everyone is prone to yeast infections, and all will profit greatly by choosing laundry products without and fragrances or dyes and perfumes added.

While yeast infections are easier to diagnose in women and female children, men and boys often will appear to have a rash appear on the penis and itching.

Studies show that scented detergents and fabric softeners cause yeast infections

Dr. Larry Forney, a professor at the University of Idaho completed a study which resulted in diagnosing the enzyme deficiency that causes yeast breakouts in women, men and children. After diagnosing the immune deficiency Dr. Forney had the test subjects add a natural supplement to their diet three times a day for one month.All participants reported some type of positive change, 97% reported a reduction in outbreaks

Similar studies have shown that yeast infections can be treated without harsh drugs or messy creams.Simple by stopping the use of scented detergents and fabric softeners, adding a healthy natural supplements and eat healthy foods, adding one serving of yogurt to the diet daily helped to balance the yeast within the vagina.

Avoiding scented detergents and fabric softeners to keep you yeast free has been shown to be a superior and effective option over purchasing scented products.Yes, the scented products smell good and everyone likes to smell fresh and clean, many times the freshness you are looking for can be obtained by simply hanging your clothes on a clothes line out doors.

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